My friend or relative was just arrested, what can I do?

Contact Robert Cooper Bail Bonds! Whenever someone is arrested they must have a bond set before they can be released. The defendant is booked into jail and taken to a holding cell. In most cases the defendant will have to go before a magistrate judge who will set the bond amount. Robert or Misty will contact whatever holding facility you or your loved one is in and find out the charges, if there are any holds for other counties, and the exact bond amount.

What is a bond?

A bond is the amount of  money set by a judge for releasing a defendant from jail. A bail bond is an agreement between a court and a bail bond company for the defendant to appear as required in court.

What are the responsibilities of the defendant?

If charges are misdemeanor the defendant must attend court proceedings. If the defendant is facing felony charges it's best to secure an attorney and make each court appearance.